The rise of the super seed - Macphie

As consumer intrigue grows for what goes into our food, health concerns are a growing barrier to eating bread. For example, high carbohydrate and calorie content were cited as a key reason for not eating sliced, packaged bread more often by 16% of consumers, who eat it less frequently than daily (Mintel, 2015).

To appeal to a more health conscious market, operators are now looking at ways of adapting their bread recipes. Smaller loaf sizes have been tried and tested with 31% of UK adults stating they are likely to buy smaller packs of sliced bread (e.g. four slices per pack) (Mintel, 2015).

One bread trend which is proving extremely popular is the addition of seeds and ancient grains to everyday bakery items. With 41% of UK adults stating they are likely to buy bread or baked goods with added superfood seeds or grains (Mintel, 2015), operators are introducing seeds, grains and added fibre to address health concerns. This development allows operators to highlight benefits such as lowering cholesterol, high levels of essential fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C & E.

Appealing to health-conscious consumers isn’t all about getting rid of ingredients; the super seed is appearing in a range of products from food items to health drinks. Tear down the barrier caused by health concerns by introducing sources of fibre and nutrition to your products.

See below for recipes to stay ahead of this growing trend: