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Snacks have always been a solid go-to for a quick, cheap pick-me-up. Both for customers needing a little lift in spirits, and operators wanting a little lift in sales.

People are increasingly looking for that little extra treat – but tastes are changing. Sweet treats will always have a place in our hearts (and tummies) but swavory is having a big moment right now (combos of both sweet and savoury). Macphie products are adaptable enough to take it in stride and offer operators the versatile base they need to tap into these growing trends.

In years gone by, snacking was discouraged, and something which children did. But consumers’ behaviour has changed in recent years, and snacking is a habit many have adopted.

The impacts of COVID-19 and remote working have led to flexible and irregular schedules, resulting in consumers becoming ‘snackified’ (the act of snacking). The traditional idea of 3 main meals per day has significantly changed. Nowadays, the number of main meals consumed on a daily basis averages 2.5, meaning people are replacing one of their three traditional meals with snacks. In fact, as many as 95% of the UK admit to snacking in between meals, with 1 in 3 substituting their third meal with frequent snacks throughout the day.

Nowadays, people are snacking for many different reasons, including to relieve stress, nourishment, or to eat in between a busy schedule.

Sandwiches, toasties, burgers and other traditional foods-to-go remain the popular choices when it comes to snacking. It is important to keep offerings fresh and updated, keeping in line with new trends. This Mac and cheese toastie is a nice twist on a classic cheese toastie (and a great way to use up left over mac ‘n cheese).

You can’t beat a good old pizza, but miniature baguette versions are not only quick and easy to make, but they are also a perfect on-the-go snack for consumers. Mix and match the toppings to create a wide variety for differing tastes.  They also provide a great way to use up any leftover baguettes.

Adapting the size of your offerings can also encourage your customers to buy. These small ‘snack-sized’ burger sliders are ideal for a quick bite.

We are seeing sweet snack variations increase in demand, with the likes of cakes, muffins, brownies and blondies being a favoured choice, particularly during the afternoon.

Our brand-new Brownie and Blondie mixes can be adapted in numerous ways, ensuring that your offering is kept fresh – try adding inclusions such as raspberries or cookie dough.

Our simply clever crème cake mixes can allow you to create an abundance of products all from one mix. Take the lemon variation for example – from just one mix you can make cupcakes, traybakes, muffins or even mini loaf cakes.

With snackification taking over consumers, we are beginning to see new and adventurous snacks coming to the fore. Swavoury (no that is not a spelling mistake, this is the combination of sweet and savoury in one!) is becoming more and more popular. We are now seeing variations such as avocado doughnuts and sweetcorn fritters appearing on menus. Not only are they very tasty, but they are eye-catching and exciting, making them a stand-out on menus and on social media.

Crumpets are a classic British treat, but why not drizzle Macphie Nacho Cheese Sauce over the top to add a twist to your elevenses snack.

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