Macphie insights | Taste of nostalgia is set to be big in the future

As life speeds up and society becomes more complex, consumers yearn for the simplicity of days gone by. Research shows that food consumption is one area that’s most likely to remind us of our past (Research Gate, 2014) and, as the internet helps us access new, unique ingredients and makes food innovation more inventive, we often still find ourselves craving our favourite dishes ‘the way mum used to make it.’

Classic flavours from our past doesn’t have to mean traditional. On the market we’re seeing familiar flavours being reinvented with examples including cherry bakewell vodka, ‘trifle’ in a meringue case, sponge eclairs and even Parma Violet cheese. The Food People predict that nostalgic flavours are set to be big in 2017 including rhubarb and custard, angel cake and lemon drizzle.

Consumers aren’t afraid to try new things, with some stating that experimenting with new dishes is their hobby, but offering the reassurance of a familiar flavour can be a major draw ‘for old time sake’. For all ages, sweet nostalgic flavours can take consumers back to their childhood, reminding them of the simple pleasures of their younger years.

Make nostalgia a vital ingredient to your dishes and take customers on a trip down memory lane. Experimenting with classic flavours and on-trend ingredients can revolutionise your offering and appeal to your customers’ emotions.