Time for tea - Macphie

The afternoon tea trend has been popular now for several years and continues to grow with the majority of hotels offering an afternoon tea service and cafes and coffee shops are quickly following suit.

Keri Cummings, category marketing executive, says “Afternoon tea was ‘reborn’ a few years ago and it’s happening all over again. However, diners are now being a little choosier as there is such an array of products being created by eateries. Afternoon tea is such a social thing and its great appeal is the sharing aspect of small indulgent treats with friends and family”.

The Food People reported in May that many food outlets are coming up with their own versions to capitalise on the trend. This includes Sanctum Soho creating the ultimate manly afternoon tea finished with Jack Daniels and a cigar. Compare this to Fortnum & Masons diabetic afternoon tea or Japanese themed afternoon tea in the Serpentine Gallery, and there are now offers that suit all taste buds- traditional or adventurous.

Here are some ideas from our bakers to help you make the most of the afternoon tea market.

Using Macphie Choutex, you can create sweet treats in the form of Mini Raspberry Éclairs using Raspberry ku-li® to flavour Mactop® Traditional. Mix it up a little with Apricot & Cinnamon Scones served with GlenDelight® and apricot jam.