Warm up this winter with National Soup Month - Macphie

Warm up this winter with National Soup Month

As the bitter weather continues with freezing temperatures outside, what better way to warm up and get cosy than to have a delicious bowl of heartwarming soup.

Soup dates back to 20,000 BC where animal hides and watertight baskets were used with heated rocks. It’s renowned for its health benefits and even the word soup itself derives from the Sanskrit of su and po which means ‘good nutrition’.

Traditional flavours and old favourites such as vegetable broth or plain tomato remain popular but other blends and flavours are emerging. Celeriac, hazelnut and truffle, gazpacho with runner bean tempura and pickled coriander seeds are some examples.

Variety of options and new product development has seen the UK soup market remaining strong.

Soup is appealing throughout the day as a warming and filling lunch option accompanied with a seeded roll or as a tasty starter for dining out. With soup having energising qualities too as it is high in water content, it is a perfect evening meal for January dieters.

Nothing accompanies the soul warming dish better than bread either on the side or to dunk in and enjoy.