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It seems the whole world is talking about jackfruit as one of the hottest food trends.

The tropical south-east Asian fruit is a true super-food, infused with vitamins, protein and minerals, but that’s not what’s stoking its popularity.

The young fruit’s fibrous flesh has the ability to take on almost any flavour, making it ideally suited to anyone looking to remove meat from their diet.

And with 40% of adults trying to include more vegan options in their diet, and with more than one in four evening meals in the UK either vegetarian or vegan, that is a big market to tap into.


As ever, it’s the younger generation at the forefront of the trend.

Almost half of all vegans are aged 15-34, which coincidentally is exactly the age range adopting social media driven initiatives such as Veganuary.

Street food is all over the trend and Justeat announced a near 1,000% rise in orders for vegetarian meals last year.

This led to the big grocery retailers “beefing up” their meat-free ranges, with Sainsburys flexitarian range and Tesco’s “Wicked Kitchen” edging into the kitchen as well.


You can make your menu appeal to this massive audience with Macphie’s latest branded offering, the BBQ pulled jackfruit.

It’s innovation with the quality and reliability you expect from the Macphie reputation.

The move in eating habits away from meat towards plant-based and more sustainable alternatives should be reflected in the choice available on your menu.

Our pulled jackfruit gives a different take on dirty fries

Supplied frozen, the product is not only free from lactose and gluten, but suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

It also has the adaptability of different applications for when you do want to shake it up a little.

Whether added to a burger or dirty fries, or served with nachos or tacos, this product keeps your menu right on trend.

Want to try? Contact our customer service team at customer.service@macphie.com or on 0800 085 9800.

Full product details can be seen in our product section.

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