Macphie news| Macphie chef teams up with Bake Off Crème de la Crème winner

We were delighted to be invited to join HB Ingredients and Pidy UK in a collaborative workshop last week focusing on fusion application ideas and innovative recipe development.

Macphie Development Chef, Norman Brockwell, was invited by Sam Rain, HB Ingredients Development Chef, 2014 Junior World Chocolate Master and winner of BBC’s ‘Bake Off Crème de la Crème,’ to showcase a range of sweet and savoury foodservice recipes inspired by some of the latest food trends.

Gluten free

GF Fish pieAddressing the growing demand for gluten free dishes, the team used the Macphie Béchamel Sauce which is gluten free and Pidy’s gluten free pastry cases to create fish pie and mushroom tartlets, all suitable for consumers with gluten intolerances.


GF dessertUsing the Macphie Dessert Range and Pidy gluten free pastry cases, the team also created a selection of gluten free dessert dishes including mini berry pots, Sicilian lemon pots, brulee tartlets and strawberry tartlets.



Inspired by consumer demand for nostalgic recipes, the team also came up with a recipe for cowheel pie; vol-au-vent cases filled with macaroni cheese (made with Macphie Cheese Sauce) and topped with braised brisket for a luxurious twist on an old favourite.

For more information on the products used, please contact Norman Brockwell.