Macphie dishes up a taste of what’s to come in 2021 - Macphie

We’re delighted to reveal our new-look packaging set to roll out from this month. Following the launch of our new branding, we’re extending our makeover to packaging with a redesign on core lines.

Capturing what makes our products unique, we launched our “simply clever food” ethos on the new website which launched in November 2020.

What’s changed

Insights and marketing manager Kirsty Matthews said: “Our product range is constantly evolving but it was time for our packaging to get a refresh.

“The new designs are based on customer feedback and the company’s ambitions around sustainability, introducing several new features to meet the needs of the people using our products.

“Together with striking imagery and positioning of product names, products within our ready-to-use range are easily identifiable. We’ve used colour coding to differentiate between product categories too – so nobody’s confusing their cheese sauce with their custard.

“We’ve also made our product claims more prominent on front of pack with clear guidance on plant-based and vegan options.


“Our bulk packaging has been included in the design overhaul but with less drastic amendments. We didn’t want to lose the iconic red haze associated with the large red sacks our mixes come in, so we’ve made just minor tweaks to this range.”

In line with sustainability goals, Macphie is rolling out the new designs of its ready-to-use sauce and dessert range on cartons made up of 87% renewable material.

Simply clever food

Speaking of the company’s new brand ethos, Macphie CEO Andy Stapley said: “I once asked someone what made Macphie different and their response was, ‘Macphie does the clever stuff’. That stuck with me and became a key building block when we were thinking about how to communicate our brand foundations.

“The redesign of our packaging is bold. But our products are high quality and our brand and packaging should reflect this. We do all the science and research to take the pain out of making complicated recipes from scratch by creating quick and consistent solutions for our customers.

“Take our Complete Bread Mix for example. By just adding water and baking you can create everything from baguettes and rolls to pizza bases and focaccia.

“The rebrand reflects a new chapter for us. We have ambitious growth plans in the pipeline and refreshing our identity helps us refocus for the future, while holding on to the essence of what makes Macphie, Macphie.