Macphie helps light the north - Macphie

Macphie employees took a short break from creating simply clever food last week to support a North-east cancer charity.

As part of the company’s formal volunteering initiative, Macphie’s engineering planner Claire Fyfe and occupational health advisor Alison Bathgate spent a day at CLAN Cancer Support’s pop-up shop in Aberdeen.

Answering the CLAN’s call-out for volunteers to support its Light the North campaign, Claire and Alison greeted shoppers as they took part in the lighthouse sculpture trail which has seen 50 2.5m tall lighthouses erected across the North-east. Each lighthouse has been designed by some of the UK’s most talented artists.

The trail started on 9 August for ten weeks and also features 90 smaller lighthouses designed by schools and community groups. At the end of the trail, the 50 large lighthouses will be displayed and auctioned off on 1 November to raise funds for the charity.

Claire Fyfe said: “We had a great time volunteering and I’m signed up to do another day next month. It’s good to get the time away from work to get involved in programmes like this.”

Chairman Alastair Macphie said: “We’re thrilled to see our staff using their volunteering days to support a local charity like CLAN.

“As a certified B Corp, we put our volunteering programme in place a number of years ago to allow our staff the time to connect with their communities. We’ve seen staff helping to set up local fundraising events, sprucing up community gardens and even helping at cat and dog homes. Everyone is able to choose something that means something to them as an individual.”

CLAN is still on the lookout for more volunteers so if you can spare some time, head to their website to register your interest or check out their new Light the North online merchandise shop.