Macphie Launches High Fibre Seeded Bread Mix - Macphie

Macphie-SeeductionMacphie has launched a new high-fibre seeded bread mix – Oat Bread Concentrate – and we’ve also enhanced our existing bread mix – Seeduction®.

The Oat Bread Concentrate contains 26% Scottish oats making it a declarable source of fibre. The delicious crust opens up to a white bread with visible oat inclusions.

Seeduction® contains oats and has a soft eating crumb with visible seed inclusions – pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseeds, also making it a declarable source of fibre

Category marketing executive Keri Cummings said: “Volume sales of bread have been in long-term decline with consumers turning off from sliced, white bread and switching to healthier options such as premium breads.

Macphie-Oat-Bread-2“Consumers are now choosing bread to match either a specific meal or meal occasion, and are well-educated on the health benefits of seeds and oats so they will look for these products. So the bread we eat needs to deliver more than just carbohydrate and this is where healthier and seeded breads come in – and they’re easy to create from our concentrates.

“Breads with oats lower cholesterol and are a source of dietary fibre which provides slow-release protein to get you through the day and keep blood sugar levels stable. Breads with seeds contain fibre and added nutritional benefits.

“The improved Macphie Seeduction® is a concentrate 1:1 with flour (just add yeast, salt and water) and is deliciously soft. It adds fibre and nutrition to any meal and is perfect for breakfast toast, sandwiches and rolls with soup”.

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