Macphie news | Macphie meets Department of Health salt guidelines

Macphie is pleased to announce that our branded product *portfolio now complies with the 2017 salt targets set by the Department of Health. The action on salt has evolved since early discussions in 2003 following a report by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SACN) on the impact of salt on our health. Now in 2016, research suggests that reducing salt intake by just 1g per day prevents 4147 premature deaths and will save the NHS £288 million each year.

Through consultation and involvement from invested interest groups, our Research and Development team has kept at the forefront of change from the very early stages –  carrying out an extensive level of work to redevelop our recipes in line with revised salt targets.

Paul McKnight, Senior Research & Development Manager commented, “There has been significant core investment from Macphie as the targets have evolved over the years. Since 2007, an estimated 430 tonnes of salt have been removed from the Macphie product portfolio.

“We’ve faced several technical challenges due to the application of chemistry required to further reduce salt/sodium levels, whilst maintaining product performance and shelf life. However, through rigorous performance testing and analysis we’ve maintained the high standards expected from our products.”

*Excluding products where salt is an essential part of the product e.g. Salted Caramel Luxury Filling.