Macphie news | Macphie supports Vision Aid Overseas

Macphie recently donated £500 and a selection of stationary items to support Vision Aid Overseas (VAO), a charity helping some of the world’s poorest people see properly and tackling the impact poor sight can have on an individual’s livelihood.

The donation request was received from a local optometrist in Hamilton, Claire Allen, who decided to use her skills to help others who do not benefit from free medical care. Through VAO, Claire travelled to Sierra Leone, where due to the recent civil war and outbreak of Ebola, eye care and other medical services have been limited.

Along with a team of other volunteers, Claire was tasked with setting up vision centres and worked with locals to ensure eye care services could be continued after they left. The team also visited schools to conduct eye tests on all children and teachers as well as remote villages to support those who struggle to travel to existing care centres.

The Macphie donation will go towards the vital services provided at the new vision centres as well as training and equipment to maintain this valuable support. For more information on how the Macphie charities committee can help local initiatives in your community, please get in touch on