Making a move to more sustainable packaging - Macphie

Macphie is cutting back on plastic, with new-look sustainable Tetra Pak® packaging.

Macphie’s ready-to-use sauce and dessert cartons are now made up of 86% renewable material, using Tetra Pak’s new-to-market plant-based packaging. Each carton uses 2.2 times less fossil plastic than those previously used.

The one-litre and 500ml packs now feature more prominent on-pack recycling instructions to encourage appropriate disposal and help customers meet critical recycling targets.

The move to Tetra Pak’s plant-based packaging forms part of Macphie’s wider aim to reduce the amount of plastic it uses. In 2019, it improved the recyclability of its o.t.t® dessert topping range by moving to white caps from black, following reports that black plastic was harder to recycle.

It also cut over three tonnes of plastic from the process by replacing the bottles’ previous full printed plastic sleeve with front and back labels.

Macphie CEO Andy Stapley said: “The people and places around us matter to Macphie and we’re continually building sustainability into our business, weaving in better ways of doing things as we go.

As a certified B Corporation, we’ve made a commitment to using our business as a force for good. We have made good headway in reducing plastic and despite the challenges the last year has thrown our industry, it’s important we press on with our environmental agenda.”

The move comes as Macphie revitalises its brand identity to reflect the manufacturer’s ethos for creating “simply clever food”.

“We felt it was time for a new look,” said Andy.

“Our products are premium quality and it’s important that our packaging matches that.

“We’re a go-to partner for food bands around the world. We make incredible food with a lot of creativity and clever science behind it and it’s time our brand reflects this. We do all the hard work so our customers don’t have to.”