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With the barbecue grill still sizzling (in one of those drop in gas grills I’d bought off of the internet) this summer, Macphie has brought out a range of melts to let you reach the premium burger consumer.

The rise of this market has been practically unstoppable in recent years and this is predicted to continue.

Macphie’s new range of three cheese-based melts can be used to enhance a variety of meals but is ideally suited to the burger.


The burger market is outperforming the wider restaurant market and is set to grow at around 6% year on year.

By 2020, it’s estimated it will be worth around £4billion and will account for 16.5% of dinner occasions.

Much of this is driven by the trend for customisation.

Consumers are more willing to experiment and take risks with toppings and add-ons, which makes the burger melt the ideal choice point to try tempting new flavours ingredients on a low-cost platform.


The Ultimate Burger melt blends gherkins, mustard and dill with a sharper cheese taste to create the classic burger experience.

The Blue Cheese melt plays more on its core elements of cheese. It contains 30% Stilton which is mixed with cream cheese and garlic to make this unctuous topping.

The Jack Cheese and Jalapeno melt is a spicier option, with the jalapeno pepper pepping up with the smooth mildness of the Monterey Jack.

The only cloud on the burger horizon is the increasing trend for reduced meat consumption, but the vegetarian burger gallops to the rescue.


The range of melts is equally inviting whether melting over a beef patty, or a Portobello mushroom or chunky aubergine slices.

Vegetarian-friendly, the melts can help you create exciting and on-trend options for your menu.

Dishes that pop with colour also help your menu brim with Instagrammable appeal.

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Source: MCA insight