Macphie | News | Nacho cheese

Our ready-to-use sauce range is enhanced with the launch of a nacho cheese sauce aimed at anyone who loves to dip, dunk, drip and share their cheese.

The sauce – which is ideal for lunch, dinner and snacks- takes classics like hot dogs and tortilla chips and transforms them into Tex Mex fiestas.

You can keep it classic nacho or jazz it up with jalapenos, onions, cayenne pepper or even chorizo to create the perfect sharing dish.

Nacho sauce taps into the enduring Americana BBQ food trend that is currently very popular with children and Generation Z.

It’s the glossiest, cheesiest of cheese sauces that comes in a one-litre tetrapak, ready to use either hot or cold.

Pour onto nachos, fries or just use as an Instagram-friendly sharing platter dip.

It’s gluten free, vegetarian and very quick and easy to use.

Nacho Cheese sauce joins the ready to use stable of sauces such as Cheddar Cheese, Bechamel with Butter, Hollandaise and Red Wine.