New spin on school support - Macphie

Macphie is putting a new spin on how it supports the next generation.

Uddingston Grammar in South Lanarkshire received £1,000 from the business to establish a laundry facility complete with uniform and toiletries bank.

The service is now up and running with a washing machine and tumble dryer installed to maintain the school’s bank of uniforms and to help develop life skills.

Macphie’s CSR and engagement executive Louise Shankley said: “We partnered with Uddingston Grammar in 2017 as part of our commitment to developing the young workforce.

“We’ve run several projects on product development which have been great but this initiative is building a foundation for young people to develop skills for learning, life and work.”

Teacher Audrey McDermott said, “Our school is committed to improving the outcomes for all our children and that covers more than just making sure they get good grades.

“We want our pupils and their families to feel supported and welcome in our school and give everyone the chance to reach their full potential.

“The uniform bank forms part of a base where we can provide pupils access to everything they need to fully participate in school life whether that’s a uniform, a book or even an outfit for the prom.”