Icing ingredients improved - Macphie

Macphie has successfully removed Titanium Dioxide (E171) from its 5th Avenue Icings in response to claims it is no longer considered safe when used as a food ingredient.

The food additive – which is often used to make food more visually appealing – was a key ingredient in Macphie’s White and Lemon Icings. However, the inclusion of this commonly-used ingredient is no longer permitted in food production in France and although not yet banned in the UK, Macphie has taken action to remove it from its products.

Head of marketing Anna Massie said: “We aim to be the go-to food partner to food brands across the world, offering simply clever food. We see it as our mission to do everything we can to make it easier for our customers and that means reacting quickly to changes in the industry.

“Although the ban hasn’t come into effect in the UK, we’ve removed Titanium Dioxide from our 5th Avenue® White and Sicilian Lemon icings to give our customers peace of mind.”

Titanium Dioxide offers no nutritional value but acts as a functional addition to produce an opaque or cloudy effect to food items.

“The newly-developed recipes are still of the same high quality,” said Anna.

“They’re fast drying, they won’t crack or become brittle and are more freeze-thaw stable than fondant.  They are ideal for adding an indulgent finish to doughnuts, cakes, muffins, choux, Danish pastries, and gateaux.

“All colours and flavours continue to be natural with both the Sicilian lemon and white icings providing the perfect base to add alternative flavours or colours to, for a customised offer.”

The full 5th Avenue range consists of seven flavours. For more information on each, click here.