Red Wine Sauce goes meat-free - Macphie

Macphie’s Red Wine Sauce has been reformulated to help you tap into one of 2017’s top food trends and is now suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

This sauce has traditionally been used on meat dishes by restaurants and caterers. However, this change in recipe comes about as more and more consumers reduce the amount of meat they eat.

Veganism in the UK has grown by 350% in the last decade and the meat-free market is expected to grow 18% by 2021 to £658million. This driven mainly by an ongoing health trend and increased media coverage of the perceived dangers of eating too much red meat.

By reformulating the recipe, Macphie can offer you an alternative to meat-infused sauces to add more flavour to vegetarian or vegan dishes such as vegetable chilli or lasagne.

The new UHT packaging now has logos on the front of every pack to show clearly if they’re vegetarian as well as gluten free, halal or lactose free.

These logos help you quickly learn more about the products you are using in order to inform your customers and help meet these growing trends.

The new-look Tetra Paks are already on their way with the Red Wine Sauce being the first to hit production earlier this month.

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