Boeson Trennwax® ‘Spray Extra’ - Macphie

Technical Information

  • Product name: Boeson Trennwax® ‘Spray Extra’
  • Product code & size: 10000334 (6 x 500ml)
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
Boeson Trennwax® R Liquid ELV


Quick and easy to use, this release agent comes in an aerosol spray can for fast application.

Suitable for bread and cake tins, baking sheets, hot plates, meringue baking sheets and waffle irons.


There are other release agents in the range:

For products with high sugar content please see Boeson Trennwax® R Liquid ELV

Boeson Trennwax® R ML-K has been developed specially for long shelf life products.

For lean and enriched ferments look at Trennol® TF 380