Mactop® Traditional - Macphie

Technical Information

  • Product name: Mactop® Traditional
  • Product code & size: 10000143 (12 x 1 Litre)
  • Product code & size: 10000144 (10 Litre)
  • Shelf life from date of manufacture: 9 months (1 Litre), 6 months (10 Litre)
  • Suitable for Vegetarians Gluten Free


Mactop® Traditional is a delicious alternative to fresh cream that is ideal for patisserie, confectionery, gateaux and desserts. It contains less than half the fat of double cream and when whipped, it’s freeze thaw stable and triples in volume, giving you a great yield every time. The thick, creamy consistency of the whip holds exceptionally well and stays deliciously fresh for up to four days in the fridge.

And if you want to add your own flair? No problem — you can add colours and flavours without it affecting the finish of the whip. Plus, our Tetra cartons have been recently redesigned to reduce our environmental impact even further as they are now made out of 87% renewable material.

Available in
Mactop® Extra
Non-Hydrogenated Mactop® Extra
Non-Hydrogenated Mactop® Traditional