Pizza Topping for pizza and pasta dishes - simply clever food from Macphie

Technical Information

  • Product name: Pizza Topping
  • Product code & size: 10000325 (6kg)
  • Shelf life from date of manufacture: 9 months
  • Suitable for Vegetarians Vegan Certified
Savoury sauce range of dishes


With a rich blend of tomatoes and herbs, Macphie Pizza Topping is the perfect sauce for pizzas and calzone.

It’s vegan certified so can be used across a variety of pizza flavours and is ready to use straight from the six-kilo pail.

Want to avoid waste? Use this on leftover baguettes or bread rolls along with your customers’ favourite toppings to create delicious pizza rolls. Or use this versatile base in pasta sauces to provide a burst of flavour.