Technical Information

  • Product name: Vegan Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix
  • Product code & size: 10007649 (12.5kg)
  • Shelf life from date of manufacture: 9 months
  • Suitable for Vegetarians Vegan Certified
American Chocolate Muffin & Cake Mix


The cake mix delivers a range of indulgent muffins, tray bakes, loaf cakes and celebration cakes in either chocolate or plain flavour with the simple addition of oil, water and vegan suitable glycerine. The literal icing on the cake is the vegan chocolate and vanilla frostings, supplied ready to use. Not forgetting our Vegan Certified 5th Avenue® Icings, these are able in Caramel, Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry and White.

So treat your customers to some indulgent and on trend cakes, with the recognised mark of vegan certification from the Vegetarian Society.

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Vegan Muffin & Cake mix