Cupcake wreath - a festive example using Macphie products



  1. Place the Madeira Cake Mix & margarine into a machine bowl fitted with a paddle, mix for 1 minute on slow speed.

  2. Add water and mix for 1 minute on slow speed, scrape down. Mix for a further 4 minutes on middle speed. Mix for a final minute on slow speed.

  3. Deposit 35g into lined paper cases and bake at 180°C for 25-30 mins.

  4. Blend Macphie Rainbow Frosting Vanilla with green food colouring to make the green frosting. 

  5. Once cupcakes are cool, pipe large swirls on top and arrange into a wreath shape.

  6. Pipe red frosting onto cupcakes at intervals to look like red berries.

  7. Pipe on a bow using red frosting or make one using red royal icing.

  8. Decorate with edible Christmas decorations as desired.