Festive doughnuts - Macphie


Method Makes 58 doughnuts

  1. Place all the ingredients for the doughnut dough into a spiral mixer and mix for 2 minutes on slow speed, and 4 minutes on fast speed until the dough is developed.

  2. Pin out the dough to 10mm thick, using a ring cutter, cut out doughnuts to weigh approximately 50g and place onto a floured cloth.

  3. Prove until double in size (approximately40-45 minutes).

  4. Fry at 375°C for around 120 seconds and leave to cool.

  5. For the green doughnuts – colour up 5th Avenue® White Icing with green gel colour until you achieve your desired colour. Heat up to 40-45°C, dip the doughnuts in and leave to dry. Once dry using edible gold dust, decorate the doughnut as desired.

  6. For the white doughnuts – heat up the 5th Avenue® White Icing to 40-45°C,dip the doughnuts and add sprinkles.