Grande French fancy - fantastic celebration cake idea from Macphie


Method Makes 1 cake

  1. Place Macphie Geneose Mix into a machine bowl fitted with a beater, add in the cake margarine and mix for 1 minute on slow.

  2. Add 400g of water and mix for a minute on slow, scrape down. Mix for 4 minutes on medium speed and mix for a final minute on slow speed.

  3. Deposit 750g batter into a 12×7″ foil tray and bake for 30 minutes at 180⁰C.

  4. Once cool cut into 2 large squares.

  5. Place Macphie Macfil into a bowl fitted with a beater, add in 110g of water and beat for approx. 8 minutes. Place into a large half sphere mould and freeze down to harden.

  6. Sandwich together the 2 squares of cake using strawberry jam & a thin layer of Macphie Macfil, placing the other sponge on top. Place the half sphere of Macphie Macfil onto the centre of the cake.

  7. Pin out the pin ice large enough to cover the entire cake, coat well and trim. Heat up the 5th Avenue® White Icing, add colouring and spin over the top of the cake.