Mixed berry tart - delicious idea for you from Macphie


Method Makes 4 portions

  1. Line 8″ or 10″ flan case with short crust pastry. Blind bake at 220°C for 10-15 minutes and allow to cool.

  2. Spread a 1cm deep layer of crème pat over the base and place in the fridge to set up.

  3. Remove the stocks and quarter the strawberries, half the blackberries and add to a bowl along with the raspberries.

  4. In a small pan heat up the Macphie fru-ti o.t.t® Mixed Berry dessert topping until it reaches the boil and then turn off. Bloom the gelatine then add to the sauce and stir in.

  5. Allow to cool to approx. 20-30°C before adding to the berries and stirring gentle to coat all the fruit.

  6. Remove the tart from the fridge and pour the berry mixture over the top. Return to the fridge for 1 hour to ensure sauce has set.

  7. Serve with Macphie Plant-based Cream Alternative.