Chef with mixing bowl

Method Makes 12 portions

  1. Add Macphie Chocolate Sponge Mix to a machine bowl fitted with a whisk, add water, and mix on slow speed for 1 minute, scrape down
  2. Whisk on medium speed for 5 minutes, followed by a final minute on slow speed
  3. Deposit into an 18x30 baking sheet and bake at 250⁰C for 5-7 minutes
  4. Whip 500g of Macphie Plant-based Cream on a medium speed until stiff peaks are formed
  5. To make the ganache, incorporate the bloomed gelatine into 125g Macphie Plant-based Cream, warm up & add the chocolate. Mix well
  6. Fold the ganache through the Macphie Plant-based Cream Alternative & deposit on top of the cold sponge base. Roll into a Swiss roll shape & freeze
  7. Once set, remove from the freezer & apply a thin layer of beaten Macphie Vegan Frosting Chocolate on the outside of the sponge
  8. Warm the glaçage to around 40 degrees & apply to the Swiss roll
  9. Garnish as desired