Savoury sauces endorsed by UK’s leading chefs’ association - Macphie

We are delighted to achieve one of the highest accolades in the food industry for 11 of our products.

The Craft Guild of Chefs (CGOC) has endorsed six of our staple savoury sauces including hollandaise and béchamel, and five plant-based sauces – an endorsement that is instantly recognisable within the industry.

Each product was tested by a panel of three chefs who each completed a thorough questionnaire. The panel rates the products on elements such as quality, versatility and packaging, with our sauces scoring top marks.

Andrew Green, Chief Executive with Craft Guild of Chefs said: “After seeing the results from our chefs’ product tastings, it is clear that Macphie is a force to be reckoned with.

“The overriding feedback for each of the 11 products was that they were consistent, high quality, easy to use and multi-purpose, and this was the case for its plant-based sauces too. Its products are more than worthy of the Craft Guild of Chefs’ stamp of approval.

“Our chefs noted that the brand’s Nacho Cheese Sauce ticked all the boxes, is better than what is currently on the market and exceeded expectations by far, commenting that they would happily use it in their kitchens on a variety of dishes.

“The texture and flavour of Macphie’s plant-based products are also exceptional and are a great option for restaurants, bakeries and kitchens as this means that one sauce would cover almost all allergens and dietary requirements.”

Established in 1885 under its former name of the Cookery and Food Association, the CGOC is the leading Chefs’ Association in the UK with over 1200 members worldwide.

Kirsty Matthews, Insights and Marketing Manager at Macphie, said: “It’s a real feather in our cap for our products to have received this accolade and one that we are excited to share.

“It secures our position as a leading name in the food and drink industry with top chefs noting that the products save time in the kitchen, are multi-purpose and ultimately, taste good – summing up our core aims.”

The full list of endorsed products is: