Sweet and savoury plant-based launches - Macphie

Macphie continues to cater to the rising vegan demand with the launch of a Plant-based Cream Alternative and a Plant-based Demi-Glace.

Available in 12 x 1-litre cases, the new products are vegan certified, can be stored at ambient and have been produced with Public Health England salt and sugar targets in mind.

The robust Plant-based Cream Alternative can be poured straight from the carton for use or whipped to three times its volume to fill and top desserts or sweet confectionary, pairing well with Macphie’s Vegan-certified cake mixes.

The gluten-free Plant-based Demi-Glace is also ready to use as a gravy and can be added to to create a variety of sauces to compliment meat or meat-free dishes.

Macphie’s head of marketing Anna Massie explained why the company rose to the challenge of developing two new plant-based products:

“Sometimes food trends come and go within months, but other times they create a fundamental change in how we live.

“Macphie believes that a diet free from animal derivatives is part of a long-term change in society.

“With over half the UK population adopting vegan-buying behaviours, it’s vital to understand their needs, so we’re dedicating significant resources in the development of our vegan and free-from ranges, including an ethical approach to material sourcing.

“As a go-to food partner, we want to make sure our range caters for free-from diets that respects consumer choices and provides variety without compromising on quality or taste.”

This new development joins Macphie’s 31-strong existing vegan product offering which now includes a Plant-based Glaze for sweet and savoury bakes, vegan cake mixes and frostings.

“We’re about creating simply clever food and products that work harder for our customers. Developing great-tasting products that hit the mark on a number of free-from dietary requirements is key in our innovation strategy.”