Vegan-certified cake and frosting range launched - Macphie

Macphie has launched the first vegan-certified cake mix and frosting range aimed at the bakery sector.

The range includes both chocolate and plain mixes that deliver muffins, loaf cakes and traybakes, as well as complementary ready-to-use frostings in chocolate and vanilla.

Key trend

Senior Category Marketing Manager Anna Massie explained why the company decided to offer a vegan bakery range

“With the big high street chains offering vegan cakes, and the supermarkets expanding their ranges every day, the bakery sector simply can’t afford to miss out on this key trend,” she said.

“As the ‘vital ingredient’ supplier, we wanted to consider everyone and produce a range for vegans that respects their choices without compromising on quality.”

Macphie has become vegan-certified, despite it being a long audit process.

Anna said: “Sometimes food trends come and go within months, but other times they create a fundamental change in how we live.

“Macphie believes that a diet free from animal derivatives is part of a long-term change in society.

“With over half the UK population adopting vegan-buying behaviours, it’s vital to understand their needs, so we made the decision to pursue full certification for our vegan product range.”


Vegan baking is complex, as ingredients derived from animal products are intrinsic to the stability and characteristics of the finished product.

The new mixes are robust and only require the addition of vegetable oil, glycerine and water for a light and airy plain or chocolate sponge that everyone can enjoy. The frostings are ready to use from the pail.

It’s the quality without compromise that is the signature of Macphie, working with you to meet the needs of your customers.

Macphie has invested significant resources in the development of the range, including an ethical approach to material sourcing.

So, treat your customers to some indulgent and on-trend frosted bakes, with the recognised mark of vegan certification.

Click on to find product details for the vegan-certified chocolate and plain cake mixes, as well as the chocolate and vanilla frostings.