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Five essentials for your vegan menu

21st March 2019


While it’s fairly straightforward to include vegan options in your menu, keeping your vegan customers happy is more difficult. Here are five things that you might want to consider if you decide to cater to the vegan customer.

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The diner who came in from the cold

25th January 2019


Sharing platters and comfort foods are laidback, easy ways to encourage shoppers, cinema-goers and passing trade to stop off for a winter warmer and a chat.

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Taking the strain out of Christmas puddings

3rd October 2018


There is no escaping it, Christmas is undoubtedly a stressful time so how do you meet the requirements of your diners in an ever-competitive market without putting your staff under too much pressure?

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Meat or no meat? The rise of realistic meat substitutes

17th July 2018


It’s pretty evident that in recent years, vegetarian and vegan diets have become more prevalent in the UK, and worldwide.

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No more sugar coating

7th March 2017


Following the introduction of a new sugar tax and advice to cut back from several health organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), consumer attitudes towards sugar and sweeteners are changing.

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Meal kit delivery dishing up success

31st January 2017


Meal delivery kits are fast becoming the new on-trend convenience food. Delivering everything you need to prepare fresh, healthy meals, these kits are ticking all the boxes for trends in 2017 covering clean eating, reduced food waste, meal planning and convenient dining.

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From garden to garnish

9th January 2017


We’ve seen a surge in edible flowers decorating our dishes in restaurants, cafes, delis and bakeries. With an air of sophistication, floral decorations can add a splash of colour to any meal.

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Top 3 sweet treats to beat the winter blues

5th October 2016


While it may only be October, advent calendars and Christmas decorations are taking pride of place on shop shelves. To help ease your customers in to the festive season, here’s our top three foodie treats.

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Coffee shop concepts

24th May 2016


The Macphie team recently conducted a workshop alongside specialist food suppliers, Andrew Ingredients, to showcase the key coffee shop trends impacting Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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