Gender Pay Gap Report - Macphie

Welcome to our third gender pay gap report, covering the employee statistical snapshot of April 2020.

Gender Pay is not the same as equal pay.  The gender pay gap is the difference in the pay of men or women across the whole of the Company.  The calculation therefore takes into account all jobs at all levels and salaries.  It is not about men and women doing the same job but being paid differently.  Irrespective of gender, our staff are paid the same pay for carrying out the same role and we are confident that we do not have an equal pay issue.

Gender pay information is taken as at a snapshot date – in this case 5 April 2020.  Our results this year continue to be challenged by the fact that we have seen little movement in the gender spilt of our employee population where two thirds of our employee population are men and we still have a low representation of women at leadership level and no female directors. The key numbers for Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap have shown good improvement at 12% and 3.6% respectively. The percentage of men and women receiving bonus pay is 88.1% and 90.4 respectively. Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap using bonus pay was 17% and -0.3% respectively.

I declare that the information and data reported is accurate and fully meets the UK government requirements in gender pay gap reporting.

Andy Stapley, Chief Executive Officer, Macphie Ltd

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Macphie bonus payments

88.1% of male and 90.4% of female employees received a bonus payment. Those who didn’t, had failed to achieve the qualifying criteria.

Bonus pay difference between male and female employees:

MEDIAN -0.3%

MEAN 17%


What our results show

The predominant reason for Macphie’s pay and bonus gaps is that there are fewer women in the most senior of our roles (29% female as compared with 71% in the upper quartile). The percentage of the female population receiving a bonus (90.4%) is slightly higher than the percentage of the male population receiving a bonus (88.1%).  The average amount of bonus which males and females receive is only £2.66 different which reflects a fair split across gender and roles.

Macphie Ltd is committed to addressing the under-representation of women in its workforce in those roles which are male dominated including senior management positions, engineering and production-related roles.  We are continuing to look at steps which can be taken to attract more women into these roles. This may range from greater openness in how pay is set and managed within the business to encouraging more women to achieve their potential in typically under-represented areas.

The story told by the Macphie gender pay gap results is clear and encouraging. The Mean pay gap figure has reduced to 12% (19% in 2019) assisted by an increase in the number of females joining the business in management positions. The Median pay gap figure (the comparison of mid point between genders), remains low at 3.6% demonstrating that our pay structure is equitable.

Reporting the Gender Pay Gap allows Macphie to demonstrate its commitment to fairness in sharing success through the various bonus schemes and every employee can benefit from profit related pay.


Our commitments

  • Use feedback from our employees to review our benefits and family-friendly policies and consider how flexible and attractive they are to our workforce looking to develop in their roles and progress their career
  • Continue to strengthen existing relationships with our school and university partners and look at ways to encourage young women into under represented roles such as engineering and production
  • Use internal training and development opportunities to develop and nurture talent. Use established managers as mentors and coaches to the next generation
  • Continue to build on our key strengths of encouragement, openness and achievement and make the most of the diversity opportunities this will bring