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Macphie employees turned out recently to help a local Aberdeenshire community garden get ready for a visit from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The Brighter Bervie community group has built a garden from a patch of wasteland next to the local church in the historic village of Inverbervie.

The garden reflects the village’s rich history as a fishing port with sea shells, fishing nets and even a miniature lighthouse in addition to sculpture and mosaic at the beach.


Macphie is committed to fostering good relationships with its communities in Aberdeenshire and North Lanarkshire and each employee can take two days paid leave annually to volunteer for a good cause.

In the past, the company has donated £1,000 to help fund an iron gate for the Brighter Bervie garden and earlier this year, a Macphie team helped with the winter weeding.

Brighter Bervie Chairman Tom Campbell welcomed the team and explained how the group is working to reinvigorate parts of the village.

The team worked in the main garden and the beach area.  They got stuck in to help ensure everything was shipshape for the visit of the Keep Scotland Beautiful judges on July 31. The winners will be announced in early September.


Chairman Alastair Macphie affirmed his support for community projects.

“Brighter Bervie has developed peaceful community spaces that reflect the seafaring traditions of the village.

“Here at Macphie, we believe that these projects help maintain the vibrancy of our local communities and are keen to help out in any way that we can.”

If you know of a community project that would benefit from assistance from Macphie, please contact