Crème de la crème for cake! - Macphie

Macphie are delighted to unveil two new Crème Cake Mixes to the range – Caramel Crème Cake Mix and Lemon Crème Cake Mix.

The two new variants join Plain and Chocolate in the range, which have had improvements made.

The love for caramel flavoured sweet bakes continues to grow. It has been in the top 20 global sweet bakery flavours since 2017, and there are no signs of it dropping out anytime soon, with demand continuing to soar. Its sweet taste is a favourite amongst all generations.

In addition, lemon is seen as a comforting flavour. During times of uncertainty, consumers turn to comforting foods which they know will fill them with happiness and satisfaction. A slice of lemon cake can provide consumers with an opportunity to wind down and indulge.

Macphie marketing manager Kirsty Matthews said: “The classics continue to be embraced by consumers. Despite both caramel and lemon being flavours which have been around for years, their demand continues to rise. Consumers know they are getting a reliable treat.

“Whilst developing the new mixes, we took the opportunity to improve our chocolate and plain mixes, in order to enhance our offerings.

“By adding just oil, water and egg to the mix, you can make a variety of bakes to satisfy any sweet tooth, which can easily be customised by adding inclusions or topping with our frosting in order to keep bakes on trend.”

Our new mixes create a moist, tender cake with close crumb structure, and are ideal for making muffins, loaf cakes, cupcakes, traybakes and puddings. They also have the capability to hold inclusions such as chocolate chips or fruit (up to 10%). For larger inclusions such as cherries, we recommend adding Macphie Filset or xanthan gum to the mix.

All crème cake mixes come in a 12.5kg bag and meet the 2024 salt targets.

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