Macphie | News | Mallow

Tapping into the current demand for nostalgic food, Macphie has developed a new mallow product.

It’s a comforting taste that is a key ingredient of iconic 1970s desserts, like lemon meringue pie, baked Alaska and snowballs.

If you want to take advantage of the trend for US food, it can be used in s’mores, or coated in chocolate to create a traditional Scottish teacake.

It also makes a delicious filling for whoopie pies and its versatility will turn a cupcake into a premium bake.

Quick and versatile

Mallow is easy to prepare with just a four-minute whip time before it can be placed on the pie, cake or even styled for a great table decoration.

You can blowtorch it for an old-school toasted finish.

Mallow is flexible and comes in a plain natural form, giving you the choice to pick the colour and flavour you require.

Easy storage

It can be frozen and thawed easily, without affecting its quality.

It is suitable for vegetarians and is both palm oil and fat free.

Mallow is available in a 10kg pail, with a shelf life of 9 months.

See the details here, or for more information, contact our customer service team.