Bringing home the breakfast | Insight | Macphie

A recent survey has found that in the UK today, there is a growing gap between the haves and have-nots in the battle for the perfect morning food.

This growing segmentation in the market means there are changing demands to be met for anyone whose business is breakfast.

The Mintel report finds that have-nots are younger, typically 18-34, and going without breakfast will often mean grabbing something to eat later or on the move.

In fact, this age group makes up a third of all consumers who have turned the meal into a snack or series of snacks during their morning.

It’s a small amount of people but steadily growing.

Cereal manufacturers such as Quaker and Up and Go have developed breakfast biscuits, balls and bars inspired by their original products and Rustler and Walls have launched microwaveable versions of their traditional breakfast fare.

It would appear this is a trend the big players in the breakfast market feel is worth investing in.

However, a formal breakfast is far from becoming a distant memory.

Changing Tastes

The government’s reduced sugar campaign has gained traction with the public, with over half of Mintel’s survey wanting to avoid foods with a high added sugar content.

This has meant a large-scale reformulation of recipes as manufacturers look to meet both government targets and changing public demand.

Which has implications for people providing breakfast, whether for home, outside or on-the-go consumption.

But we don’t always breakfast at home.

The survey showed that baby boomers in particular, love making a regular breakfast or brunch date.

And why not?

The hot breakfast is still a very desirable meal, a cornerstone of eating, and nowadays it has a wide variety of flavour options.

Brunch is served

Brunch has brought with it some classic American tastes.

Pancakes full of naturally sweet juicy berries and dripping with maple syrup, waffles with whipped cream and sun bright coulis or that classic US staple, Eggs Benedict, with its creamy citrus sauce binding all the ingredients together inside a toasted English muffin.

These are meals that are naturally appealing and attractive on the plate, leaping out on social media feeds, providing a compelling, credible advert for your business.

Easy to put together, these plates can get your business buzzing in social media.

So, is it time for brunch at yours?

Here’s a couple of our favourite morning recipes.

Eggs Benedict

Toast muffin whilst spinach is wilting.

Poach egg and heat Macphie Hollandaise sauce in a pan.

Assemble on plate, sprinkle with cayenne and flash under grill.



Reduced-sugar blueberry breakfast bite

Mix Macphie’s reduced sugar Mississippi cake mix with oil and water.

Fold in blueberries and oats (leaving a handful of each for decoration).

Scrape into pan, decorating the top with the retained oats and blueberries.

Cook and serve in squares.