Chicago 2016: Food Trends (Part 1) - Macphie

A part of our ongoing commitment to produce innovative new products, Macphie monitor trends wordwide. Most recently, we visited Chicago to check out some of the key eateries which are inspiring food trends around the world.

From unusual ingredients to the reinvention of old favourites, our Head of Marketing, Deborah Alexander, has shared some of the big trends that were on show this year. As consumers are torn between ‘gastronostalgia’ and their desire to try new things, Chicago showed off an array of ways to revamp familiar ingredients:


Egg dishNo longer seen as just a breakfast item, the humble egg is soaring in popularity and is popping up on menus everywhere. This versatile ingredient is being poached, scrambled, fired and boiled to provide a protein hit to a variety of meals.

Eggs are being added to ‘supergrain bowls’ filled with bitter greens, wood grilled apple, celery and white cheddar as well as more indulgent dishes including a brioche basket with beer cheese sauce. They are also topping off more decadent meals such as wood oven roasted pig face with sunny side egg, tamarind, cilantro, red wine-maple, potato stix.


Packed with nutrients, kale is king in the world of superfoods and is taking Chicago by storm. Dishes on offer included beet bruschetta with marinated kale, baby kale topped with parmesan and dressing made up of chopped kale, blood orange, pumpkin seed, shaved cheddar, bosc pear and peppercorn.


Strawberry dishStrawberries were another key ingredient adding colour to dishes in Chicago. Macerated, fresh, in dressing and sweet savoury dishes, the strawberry is showcasing much more potential than just a partner for ice cream. Examples included strawberry and crab rice and goat empanadas with avocado smash, strawberry tapenade and quesco fresco.

Brussel sprouts

Love them or hate them, there’s no escaping Brussel sprouts. Forget about just boiling them for the Christmas dinner – Brussel sprouts are being served crispy with chorizo, accompanying grilled octopus and teaming up with international ingredients including Asian tatsoi and guanciale from Italy.

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