Chicago 2016: Food trends (Part 2) - Macphie

Some of the Macphie team recently visited Chicago to check out some of the country’s latest developments in food. Heavily influenced by cuisines around the world, Chicago’s eateries are inspiring food innovation and influencing restaurants across the globe.

From social media to personal preferences, our Head of Marketing, Deborah Alexander, highlights some of these market trends:


As consumers demand more for their money, the focus is no longer purely on the quality of the food. Eatertainment refers to consumers seeking overall memorable dining experiences from the moment they step through the door. Consumers are always looking for the next big thing and want to showcase their experiences on social media. Lavish surroundings, unique serving methods and in-house entertainment are a few suggestions guaranteed to get your restaurant on the net.

Taking a stand:

Consumers are increasingly using their purchasing choices to reflect their personal values. The story behind the brand is becoming more important and companies should be willing to demonstrate transparency. As companies catch on to this trend, they are emphasising their CSR efforts and using social media to build relationships with customers.


Demand is also growing for a tailored dining experience. A UK study shows that 39% of adults, a sizable minority, demonstrate interest in being able to customise flavours/ingredients (Mintel, 2015).

From fussy eaters to free-from dieters, consumers want to be able to amend dishes or completely build their own, creating a truly unique offering which gives the consumer exactly what they want.

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