Macphie insights | Dazzled by doughnuts

Deemed the new ‘cupcake,’ doughnuts are continuing to rise in popularity this year. With toppings including icing infused with matcha green tea, edible flowers and even gold leaf, doughnuts have become an ‘instagram-able’ favourite and are taking over social media.

So what’s behind this latest craze? Despite being made up of just flour, water and sugar, doughnuts are a mash-up of current food trends. Bakers have transformed this typically childish treat into a sophisticated artisanal snack, appealing to consumers ‘gastro-nostalgia’ as well as the demand for revamped traditional dishes. Loaded with fillings and dripping with indulgent toppings, doughnuts are also ticking the box for American-style ‘dirty’ food. Doughnuts can even tap into the trend for contrasting flavours with unusual ingredients including bacon or chilli.

Acting as a blank canvas, doughnuts can be topped and filled to match any trend or seasonal event in order to stay current – all you need is some creativity. Incorporate popular ingredients and finish with over-the-top toppings to draw in the digital diners.