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Think back to that Saturday morning trip to the sweet shop, with the reassuring jingle of small coins in your pocket.

You’re not alone, as the nostalgic yearning for a simpler – and sweeter – time in our life strikes a chord with the UK public.

The increasing trend for “kidulting” explains the popularity of treats and sweets targeted towards adult consumers looking for ways to relive the simple joys of childhood.

And this nostalgia for trusted retro brands is set to grow in 2018.

Tangerine Confectionery has responded to this demand by announcing the return of Barratt, the nation’s much-loved sweets brand, with a £2.5million launch campaign.

If you’re a fan of the Sherbert Fountain, Fruit Salads, Blackjacks and Refreshers, then it’s time to kick back with a DipDab and reconnect with your inner “big kid”.

Consumers in general are looking for permissible treats and seeking indulgent moments with family and friends.

The “retro” offer can be seen across a variety of categories, from the most iconic retro brand lovers, to those looking for a more premium, added-value product.

There is significant appeal in the retro sweet shop concept, which is so evocative of childhood memories and experiences.

Tapping into this trend is one of Macphie’s most recent creations – the Toffo muffin.

Discontinued back in 2008, the Toffo fanbase erupted when they realised it was missing from sweet shop shelves.

That’s why, in 2014, when a single remaining packet of the individually-wrapped soft toffees was found in a sweet shop in Dundee, the internet went wild with Toffo fans trying to bargain for the last intact roll.

Toffo muffin

  • Fill tulip muffin cases with Mississippi Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Inject with Salted Caramel filling and top with 5th Avenue Caramel icing
  • Decorate with Toffo – or the more readily available Rolo – pieces

Floral flavours are also big in 2018, which makes the familiar feel of the Parma Violet cupcake a definite winner.

Parma Violet cupcakes

  • Mississippi Plain Cake Mix with Parma Violet flavour added for colour and flavour, into clear cupcake cases
  • Finished with Rainbow Vanilla frosting, flavoured with violet and coloured purple
  • Decorate with Parma Violet sweets


And for the ultimate in kidulting indulgence, there is the perennial family favourite, the Liquorice Allsorts cake


  • Mississippi Cake Mix with charcoal and liquorice added for colour and flavour
  • Finished with 5th Avenue White icing with added charcoal colour and flavour
  • Decorate with Liquorice Allsorts sweets

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