Macphie insight | Food outlets ‘risk being named and shamed'

The Government have revealed that food outlets across the UK will be publicly named and shamed unless they reduce sugar content or portion size.

According to The Times, Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt told food companies, “Going out to eat is no longer a treat. It’s a regular habit for many families and is contributing significantly to the extra calories and sugar we all consume on a daily basis.”

Hunt warned the out-of-home food sector that their efforts will be monitored and compared publicly as part of the Government’s bid to tackle obesity. Large chain restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops, pubs and fast-food retailers are being encouraged to reduce sugar content and cut portion sizes of desserts, cakes and pastries.

The news comes as food producers are being asked to cut sugar in products by 20% over the next five years and as media attention on sugar content increases. 43% of adults have reported having noticed the rise in media coverage and 62% of those aware of this rise have increased their own efforts to monitor/limit the amount of sugar in their diets (Mintel).

Reduced sugar choc muffin cake- websiteTo support customers, Macphie has developed a new Reduced Sugar Range including cake mixes and frostings – a versatile selection designed to create an array of desserts and sweet treats with 30% reduced sugar content.

For more information on the Macphie Reduced Sugar Range or to find out how Macphie can help reduce sugar content on your menu, please contact your account manager.