Gold medal food trends - Macphie

Nothing brings people together like a sporting event and where there’s a gathering you can guarantee there will be food. We look at how this year’s summer of sport is impacting food trends.

Football fever

Sourdough Pizza squareWith the Euros in full swing, pizzas are proving to be the perfect partner. Takeaway operators are geared up to tackle an increase in sales with Domino’s recruiting 10,000 additional staff ahead of an expected 7 million pizza orders (Telegraph, 2016).

Major supermarkets are also anticipated to be beneficiaries of the pizza party. Tesco predict pizza sales to be as high as 5.5 million during the Euros 2016 (Tesco, 2016). Easy-to-share party snacks such as quiches, sausage rolls, pork pies and scotch eggs are also seen to be popular during big football events (Food Manufacture, 2015).

Big in Brazil

brazil cocktailRio 2016 is set to influence menus across the globe, putting Brazilian cuisine in the spotlight. A melting pot of cultures, languages and customs, Brazil offers an eclectic mix of flavours and ingredients. Fusion foods are popular with influences coming from Africa, Asia and Europe and street food is incredibly popular.

Regional favourites such as BBQ’d meats, rice dishes and paprika will remain popular and it’s likely we’ll continue to see a rise in Brazilian influences as the Games approach. Major retailers are already on board. Marks and Spencer has launched a guava and lime caipirinha sparkling fizz; a unique twist on Brazil’s national cocktail.

Patriotic palates

union jack buntingWhile we embrace exotic flavours influenced by far-away countries, we’ll still be cheering on our home team. During London 2012, patriotism in Britain reached a peak of 61% (Marketing Sciences Unlimited). Supporters are overwhelmed with pride regardless of the result, reigniting a passion for their country’s traditions.

While Millennials relish new flavours and trends, patriotic food campaigns can be successful if targeted at Generation X. Bear in mind that consumers are becoming ever more savvy about the provenance of their food and sticking a Union Jack on packaging is unlikely to be enough to sway customers your way.

From school sports days to a multi-million pound sporting event dating back to 392 A.D and whether you’re a player, supporter, organiser or coach, food will play a big role in celebrating success or commiserating losses. Sharing platters and easy-to-prepare snacks will draw in customers with celebrations often being arranged last-minute. This year’s summer of sport also offers a chance to draw inspiration from Brazilian street-food and add some vibrancy to our dishes to create a medal-worthy menu.