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Nothing says “celebration” quite like a specially-made sweet treat but instead of waiting for a special occasion, consumers are making every occasion count.

Since lockdown we have turned more things into a celebration than ever before. Every event, no matter how big or small gives consumers permission to celebrate. From baby showers to divorce parties and graduations to gender reveals – every occasion calls for a celebration nowadays, bringing sales opportunities all year round.

Despite the cost of living crisis, consumers continue to seek indulgent, permissible, low-cost treats which is evident when you look at how consumers have been spending over the latest traditional seasonal events. Half of Britain’s bakers say Halloween helps them scare up a decent rise in turnover with 49% of bakers noting a significant increase in sales over the spooky season (Craft Bakers Association). And over Easter last year, spending n the UK reached £1.3billion, growing from £1.22billion for 2020 (Statista).

Operators are tapping into both the traditional and more obscure events with the likes of Fisher & Donaldson launching a giant version of their fudge doughnut – an alternative to your usual celebration cake. Fiona Cairns revealed it’s launching a “celebration” cake – one that simply says “celebrate” to tap into the variety of ways consumers are celebrating and Patisserie Valerie is launching a gender reveal retailing at £99.95.

As we approached Easter, we saw hot cross buns take the spotlight in various ways. M&S  launched the host cross bun BLT with Crosstown Doughnuts launched hot cross bun doughnuts.

One mix makes many

However you choose to help your customers celebrate, it’s no surprise that the biggest appeal for consumers continues to be how something looks. According to Mintel, when choosing a celebration cake, the leading quality that would make consumers choose one product from another is whether it’s visually appealing or not with 50% of survey respondents stating so. 38% are looking for generous toppings or fillings while just 16% are looking for a healthier version (e.g reduced sugar).

You don’t need to stock up on new ingredients every time a calendar event crops up.

Macphie products offer customers a versatile base from which many exciting, creative dishes can be developed for any occasion. Using simple twists and techniques, products can be adapted to suit any celebration. Instead of looking at them as a single-use ingredient for one application, use our recipe hub to explore the versatility and customisability of Macphie products so you can use products all year round.

Find a range of recipe inspiration created by our chefs and bakers right here.

No occasion too big … or too small

Our food tour findings show that supersized bakes are growing in popularity and they make for a great celebration centrepieces.

Often reserved for Christmas, large supersized desserts or bakes can make for the perfect addition to any party. When choosing a celebration cake, almost half of consumers are looking for something which is good for sharing (Mintel, 2022).

However as well as going big, you can go bite sized. Party food isn’t going out of fashion and mini versions of your most popular produce can make for perfect party pick ups.

So, how will you choose to help customers celebrate in 2023? With Easter just around the corner and the King’s Coronation set to cause some royal revelry, there’s plenty to look forward to. From fresh seasonal flavours to eye-catching themed bakes, the opportunities for success are plenty.

Keep Macphie on your invite list and make every occasion count.