The evolution of the burger | Insight | Macphie

Ten years ago, “burger” was a bit of a dirty word.

A grubby indulgence you got at McDonald’s or Wimpy as a treat.

The fast-food staple had garnered a pretty bad reputation thanks to the release of Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser and the 2004 documentary, Supersize Me.

But the burger has evolved…

In 2020, the UK branded burger market is expected to be worth £4billion, outperforming the wider restaurant market.

And although some chain restaurants have been struggling, the burger is definitely still king, so why has Britain become burger-obsessed?

Let’s face it, the classic combination of bread, meat and melting cheese is always a winner.

But in recent years we’ve gone pretty posh, with high quality ingredients and fancy flavour combinations.

The mouth-wateringly meaty patties we see today are a far cry from the grey discs of mystery meat that once adorned every pub’s menu.

Burger renaissance

There are a few reasons why the burger is so popular.

In a world where convenience (and cost) is important, the burger is an affordable dining option.

In the image-obsessed social media era, a tasty tower of meat, cheese and the ubiquitous brioche bun is sure to see the likes rolling in.

It is also a versatile offering that provides a great basis for experimentation.

The burger works well as a vessel, introducing new and unusual flavours to the masses.

With an increasing demand for meat-free options, a burger is also a safe bet.

A range of premium topping options can ensure vegetarians and vegans feel well-catered for and allows them to tap into the trend.

What’s next?

The gourmet burger continues to evolve, with weird and wacky toppings entering the market alongside various vegan and vegetarian options.

But the traditional cheeseburger doesn’t need to be left behind.

Macphie has developed a range of melts, available in three delicious flavours, that will take your cheeseburgers to the next level.

First up, calling upon the flavours of possibly one of the most iconic burgers of all time, is the Ultimate Burger Melt.

Made with gherkins, mustard and dill, this is the quintessential “burger” flavour profile we all know and love.

For those that like things a little spicy, the Jack and Jalapeño Melt with Monterey Jack cheese and jalapeños is a tasty tex-mex inspired choice, while the Blue Cheese Melt adds some serious sophistication to any patty.

So, fire up the grill, get creative with your combinations and get ready, because burgers are here to stay and they are only going to get better!

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