Macphie news | Macphie launches new reduced sugar range

Macphie is delighted to launch its new Reduced Sugar Range of cakes and frostings which is trimming a healthy 30% of sugar from some of its favourite products – offering a healthier alternative to cakes and muffins.

The new range includes Reduced Sugar Mississippi Muffin/Cake Mixes, available in plain and chocolate. With many bakeries stating that the challenge with reduced sugar mixes was the difficulty in decorating them without impacting the sugar content, Macphie has also launched Reduced Sugar Rainbow Frostings available in chocolate and vanilla.

Reduced sugar mini muffins- websiteAs consumer interest in healthy living grows and the government introduce initiatives to tackle childhood obesity, 54% of consumers are looking for low sugar content in foods (Mintel). The Macphie Reduced Sugar Range replaces sugar with a vegetable fibre which is 100% natural. This unique replacement ensures a healthier alternative to traditional sweet treats without compromising on taste or quality.

Reduced sugar seeded muffin- websiteCategory marketing executive, Keri Cummings, said, “The new Macphie reduced sugar range offers a healthier alternative to traditional sweet treats, without compromising on quality. It contains no artificial sweeteners, but instead, uses a natural vegetable fibre replacement.”

Check out our infographic here for more information on the reduced sugar trend and the Macphie range.