Positive comparison in gender pay gap figures - Macphie

Macphie has published its first gender pay gap report, with its overall results comparing favourably against the UK average.

For the first time, all UK companies whether private, public or voluntary are required by law to publish their gender pay gap if they have over 250 employees, showing the difference between the average earnings of men and women in the organisation.

The average (mean) pay gap for Macphie sits just below the UK average of 18.4% at 17.2%, and the gap between men and women at the midpoint (median) is only 1.2% versus a UK average of 17.4%.


Managing director Andy Underwood said: “The story told by the Macphie gender pay gap results is clear and encouraging.

“Our overall results are positive, with our average (mean) pay gap sitting just below the UK average of 18.4% at 17.2%. Even more pleasing, the gap between men and women at the midpoint (median) is only 1.2% versus a UK average of 17.4%.

“When compared to the estimated gender pay gap for the UK as a whole (based on the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) Survey 2017), the Macphie result is – 1.2% below the UK mean figure and an exceptional -16.2% below the UK median figure.

“Our results were always going to be challenging given that like many food manufacturers, two-thirds of our employee population are men and in our most senior positions, namely our leadership team, we have only two female heads of department and no female directors.

Sharing success

“Reporting the gender pay gap allows Macphie to demonstrate its commitment to fairness in sharing success through the various bonus schemes.

“Every employee benefits from profit-related pay and this is a critical part of the spirit of our VITAL values.

“However, the analysis of the data and the publication of this report is only the beginning and we clearly have work to do.

“Moving forward as we undertake this analysis on an annual basis, I am hopeful that we will see this gap narrow as we fulfil the Macphie core values of Integrity, Togetherness and Achievement, setting out clear pathways for career fulfilment that attract more women into our business and the most influential roles.”