1. Make up the doughnuts using Macphie Premium Doughnut Concentrate as per TIS sheet.
  2. Once doughnuts are ready, use Luxury Fillings to fill and 5th Avenue® Icings to finish as desired. For the freakshake shown in the picture, we topped with Macphie 5th Avenue® Chocolate Icing and chocolate sprinkles and added sweets for spider legs and eyes.
  3. To prepare the milkshake, blend vanilla ice cream, milk and Macphie Chocolate ot.t® Dessert Sauce together
  4. Before pouring into the glass, pour Macphie Chocolate ot.t® Dessert Sauce around the rim of the glass and let it pour down the sides.
  5. Pour in the milkshake and pop the doughnut on top.