Sauce expert celebrates 40 years of service to Macphie - Macphie

Macphie is celebrating its longest-serving staff member reaching 40 years of service at the company.

Joining straight from university, Elaine Marshall has gone on to create some of our famous sauces and has been pivotal in the firm’s evolution for four decades.

A Home Economics graduate, Elaine has played a crucial role developing the firm’s sauce range, developing expertise in new product development (NPD) and ultra-high temperature (UHT) processing.

The Banff-local started off in Macphie’s Quality Control department and has since led on the creation of some of our most popular sauces like Bechamel with Butter sauce – more than 1,300 tonnes of which is sold by Macphie per year.

Elaine, who is a Product Designer, said: “I honestly never thought I’d be at Macphie for 40 years, so to have reached this milestone is a bit crazy. It really is an incredible place to work and every day has offered its own rewards and challenges.

“I had initially planned to go into teaching after university, but at that time there was a shortage of roles. I accepted a role at Macphie, thinking it would be for a few years but 40 years later, I am still here, and love it.

“Originally, I was working with a Bunsen burner and a wooden spoon which has now become a whole development branch. Around 30 years ago we had a UHT plant installed, which was a first of its kind at the time and really changed the company’s trajectory.

“From the get go, Macphie has been an employer with such strong family values and ultimately that’s why so many staff are committed to their roles. It really is a unique, rewarding place to work and I’m very lucky to have spent my career here.”

As well as playing a key role in developing recipes for Bechamel and Hollandaise sauces, Elaine has spent time in Macphie’s commercial team, driving growth through its sales channels with major restaurant chains.

When Elaine first started at Macphie, there were around 60 employees – there are now 250.

The 40-year celebrations come at a poignant time for Macphie as we are also celebrating 50 years at our Glenbervie base in Aberdeenshire after moving operations from Glasgow.

Andy Stapley, Macphie’s CEO said: “Elaine has played a significant part in some of Macphie’s top products, so we’re very lucky to have her here at Glenbervie. It is most definitely a year of milestones at Macphie and its important for us to look back on the successes of staff and the wider business.

“Committed, talented staff like Elaine are at the heart of all of Macphie’s success. We pride ourselves on creating a positive staff environment where people can be proud of their work.”