World leading collaboration set to revolutionise the baking industry - Macphie

The UK’s leading independent food ingredients manufacturer, Macphie is developing a cutting-edge new technology that will use ultrasound to improve the quality and nutritional value of bakery products, as well as making their production more energy efficient.

Macphie is heading a consortium to develop and commercialise this world-first, patented technology “Baking With Ultrasound.” The consortium includes Heriot-Watt University, Piezo Composite Transducers, Mono Bakery Equipment and Fosters Bakery.

This unique project has received funding from the Technology Strategy Board, and is one of fifty research projects and studies to share £7 million government investment.

Working with Dr Carmen Sanchez-Torres from the University’s Mechanical Engineering Department, Macphie scientists have discovered that ultrasound technology could be applied in an innovative way to control the physical and processing aspects of ‘free-from’ products. Gluten-free and reduced salt bakery products are rapidly growing sectors within the food industry driven by consumer health trends.

Ashley Baker, Head of Research and Development said: “Securing this grant is a reflection of the cutting-edge, innovative and unique nature of the technology we are developing. This is one of a number of exciting upstream collaborative R&D projects that Macphie is currently progressing with universities, with the aim of translating world-class science into commercial technologies to be made in Scotland.”