Luxury Caramel Filling - new from Macphie

Technical Information

  • Product name: Luxury Caramel Filling
  • Product code & size: 10014070 (12.5kg)
  • Shelf life from date of manufacture: 9 months
  • Shelf life once opened: Until end of shelf life, provided it is stored in closed unit.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Luxury Caramel Filling is a rich, smooth, chewy traditional caramel. It can be used for layering, filling and topping.

Can be warmed over a bain-marie directly in the pail, or by decanting into a heat proof bowl.

Warm until the caramel loosens to suit spreading, flooding, piping or injection application uses.

It will set back again to its original texture after cooling, you can then slice with a warmed knife or ultrasound cutter.

Ideal for caramel shortbread, millionaire shortbread, caramel cups. caramel apple tarts, doughnuts and traybake lines.

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